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Welcome in the Geltenhütte!

We open this friday, 26th February. 

Skitouring from February until end of April

The Geltenhütte is in the nature reserve  Gelten-Iffigen.

Some beautiful ski tours are waiting for you.

Most people arrive from Glacier 3000 -Arpelistock-Geltenhütte and they stay for 2 nights to explore the region ( Geltenhorn, Schafhorn, Hühnerhorn, Wildhorn)

You need to book. 

 Please note that the BAG rules also apply in the mountains.

Keep distance. Take your own disinfectant.

Carry your own garbage down into the valley.

No overnight stay without reservation.

Inner sleeping bag and pillow suit are compulsory. Both can be rented in the  hut.

The number of overnight guests is reduced.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy winter in the mountains.


In winter the Gelten offers you many options for skitouring.

In summer  the tour starts at  Lauenensee, which you can reach by car or by bus. After 2 hours and 600m altitude you reach the Geltenhütte. On the way up you see plemty of water. The  Geltenschuss is a big waterfall. It is also possible to come up with childern. We recommend the age from 6 .

Once there, we offer drinks and food and good wine. If you like to sleep in the hut, you have to do a reservation in advance. It`s not possible to make a reservation  for a table at lunch time.

There is a nice circle walk Geltenhütte- Furggental-Rottal-Geltenhütte 2h T2

We wish you all the best for exploring the valley  Gelten.


You can book here:




or call us on phone +41 (0)33 765 32 20

Booking in advance is a must

If you cancel see the AGB 


✔Geltenhütte 2002m, Berner Oberland

✔Start: Lauenensee parking  CHF 8.-- or bus from Gstaad

    Lauenensee-Geltenhütte 2h

✔Start in winter: Col du Pillon -Glacier 3000 (with cable car) after Arpelistock/Geltenhütte

The road from Lauenen to Lauenensee can be closed in winter. Please ask.

✔You need to book in advance

✔The owner is SAC Oldenhorn it's a swiss alpine hut

✔Nice dormitories with duvet,

✔Dinner at 18.30

✔Breakfast from 7h00 to 8h00 or by arrangement

✔Silence at 22h00

✔dogs-please call us before

✔payement: cash  

✔Slippers in the hut

✔Hut sleeping bag compusory

✔Bring your own pillow suit or hire it in the hut

The hut provides full service from end of February until end of Avril

mid June to end October depending the weather conditions


Lauenensee-Geltenhütte 2h T2

Geltenhütte- Furggental-Rottal-Geltenhütte 2h T2 very nice!!

Geltenhütte- Arpelistock- Geltenhütte T4 6h

Iffigenalp-Stieretungel-Chüetungel-Geltenhütte 5-6h T3

Lenk Bettelberg-Geltenhütte 4h T3

Geltenhütte - Barrage du Sanetsch  T4

Geltenhütte-Wildhornhütte 4h T3

Geltenhütte-Cabane des Audannes    T3-T4            Click here for the map:                                              



This summer the hut has only 50 beds available. (CORONA)

The hut has normaly 83 beds in 10 rooms. The rooms are comfortable   and we show you the division when you arrive. 

Bed covers are in the hut.

You need to bring up a hut sleeping bag and a pillow suit.

You can also hire a hut sleeping bag in the hut for 5.- 

You can also hire a pillow suit for 4.-


Silence is at 22h00



Prices with half board






CAS member




B 1

CAS young people

7-11 years




B 2

CAS young people

12-22 years




D 1


7-11 years 




D 2

young people

12-17 years











childern until 6 years




hiring a hut sleeping bag per time

CHF 5.00

shower (if enough water)

CHF 5.00

with towel 8.00


hiring a pillow suit

CHF 4.00



We offer simple food and drinks. We cook until 15h00.

We have also regional beer and some really good wine.

If you wish no alcohol we recommend a cherry lemonade, that' s good for your muscles..

Dinner is served at 18.30h for everybody.

If you are vegeterian, please tell us in advance with your inspriction.

Breakfast is from  07.00 until 08.00 o' clock. If you are planing a long tour, we can arrange other time.

By gluten allergy please let us know and bring your own bread with you.

Lunch for the next day can be ordered when you arrive.



With Swisscom you will have connection on the north side of the hut. 

WLAN is not accessible for guests. If you would like to have WLAN, you have to work in the hut.

Power is coming from solar energy and hydropower.

In winter the resources are scare.

You can charge your cell phone.


If you would like to bring your dog with along, you need to call us in advance.

Dogs are not allowed in the sleeping and eating rooms. 

If your dog is not used to sleep alone, we can offer the old eating room with a mattress for your dog and you. But only, if there are not more than 30 people in the hut.

The Geltenhütte is in the nature reserve Gelten-Iffigenalp-your dog has to be on the leash all the time.

Costs: 10.- per dog


All food and drinks are brought up by helicopter. From time to time, we carry some fresh food up to the hut.

Help to protect the environment and future and take your rubbish with you.




The Geltenhütte was originally used for farmers. The hut had a lower standpoint Current alpinists came up in early days for tours.

In 1940, an avalanche destroit the accommodation. The SAC rebuilt the hut.

In a few years, more and more people discovered the alps and there was not enough place any more.  

In 1969 many voluntaries built the new hut at the currents standpoint.

2014 the SAC Oldenhorn  renovated the hut and also a own water hydro was buildet.

What started small and simple became to a comfortable accommodation in the alps.


We should never forget, that we are on  2002m and no road is coming up.


A motivated team is waiting you

Susanne Brand, Helen Weber -Hüttenwartinnen

Lea, Sibyille, Romina, Gabriela, Sarah 

Christine Kaysen chef de cabane

Heinz  and Christof -unsere Männer:-)

Geltenhütte SAC


Susanne Brand / Helen Weber


Susanne Brand

Kirchstrasse 42

CH-3782 Lauenen

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Tel. +41  (0)33 765 32 20



Koordinaten 592.340/ 135.360


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